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Mr. Stanislav A. Gromov

Master Of Arts, 

Particularly outstanding musician (Jerusalem, Israel; 19. 09.2019) , laureate of international festivals of modern and jazz music, singer, composer, producer, music therapist.

Education: Academy of Culture and Arts.

Stanislav Gromov's beautiful voice possesses a "velvety" timbre capable of performing various styles of vocal works (ranging from traditional urban romance to symphonic jazz and jazz-rock...) in basso profundo, baritone and low tenor.

During the past thirty years of his professional activity Mr. Gromov has conceived and executed as a composer a large number of solo performances. As a musician, he has also staged, directed and carried out numerous concerts, such as "Monologue of an unknown artist",

"An almost free soul", "Remembering You", etc. 

Mr. Gromov has traveled extensively on musical tours throughout Russia, CIS countries, western Europe, and Latin America.

Stanislav Gromov has composed music for various television shows, movies and theatrical performances. One of his most recent TV productions involved arranging the TV version of a charity concert staged at the Bolshoi Theater, which showcased world famous ballets stars (music from Gromov's "Natalia Vexliarskaia" Requiem was used in the movie "Ballet stars - a gift to the hospice").

The solo discs of the singer, composer, lyricist and arranger Stanislav Gromov were recorded and produced:

Stanislav Gromov "Chansons d'une ame en liberte" 1993 France
Stanislav Gromov "Ich denke an dich" 1996 Germany
Stanislav Gromov Requiem "Natalia Vexliarskaia" 1998 France
Stanislav Gromov "All Sides Of My Life. Eastern Pages" G-F-Rus 2005
Stanislav Gromov “Relax-Art-Musical Projects” CD’s & DVD’s 2007-2019


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